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Scott Thomas

"I have always known that I was destined for fame."

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Name:Scott Thomas
Birthdate:Apr 15
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America

SCOTT THOMAS Scott is a flamboyant gay drama student who came out of the closet when he was 15, much to the chagrin of some close-minded members of his family and the community of Clover, California in general. It was who he was, though, and he was determined to at least attempt to be himself, despite the judgemental attitudes of the small town. Scott's life was never the same from the moment Carson Phillips accidentally caught him and Nicholas Forbes making out in a bathroom stall. Nick was a typical rich kid from a wealthy family and closeted because he was too scared to come out and shame his family, knowing they would disapprove. Carson, for his own gain, started to blackmail them with the information to get them to write for his literary magazine, and Scott really wanted to deck the guy... but he was worried he might break bones and ruin his career.

Scott is 100% convinced he is destined for fame, and wants to become a professional actor. Though, like many other kids at his school, he was stuck in the box of the small-town mindset and probably had no chance whatsoever of really making the big time. That is, until Carson was struck by lightning in the school carpark and killed instantly. As much of a pain in the butt he was, and blackmailing basically everyone, he helped people open their eyes to how trapped they could be if they didn't follow their dreams and do whatever they needed to get what they wanted. His death made many stop and think, and Scott was one of them.

He started to officially date Nick, who tentatively started to make his way out of the closet after Carson's death, and Scott began to actively pursue all the best drama colleges in the country, determined to make it into at least one. Much to his shock, he soon was offered a place at American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, and snapped it up. Ironically, it was Nick whom Scott found the most connection with in the wake of Carson's shock death. It was Clarie Mathews, the bitchy head cheerleader, Class President, and Prom Queen of Clover High, who, just like Scott, got the wake up call she needed from Carson. She might not have had the skill and talent to become a ballerina, as was her childhood dream, but she wanted to become a nurse and struck up a close friendship with Scott once she realised he was as determined as she was to now succeed and not be stuck in Clover forever. They live together now in San Francisco, and Scott's relationship with Nick didn't last but they remained good friends. Claire and Scott clash often because of their differences, but are best friends... despite the fact she is convinced Carson is either haunting her or sticking around like Patrick Swayze ala Ghost as some sort of fucked up guardian angel.

Scott Thomas is a character from the movie, Struck By Lightning. This journal is for muse and RP purposes only. Not Scott Thomas, he is fictional, not affiliated with Struck By Lightning, which is owned by creator, Chris Colfer. Muse & mun both 18+.

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